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March 04, 2020 3 min read

Some people tend to evade sticky situations, but actually at some point you have to search for them. “Why?” you may ask!

Why, to stick things of course.

Sometimes you don’t have to hammer a nail, drill a hole or tie a string! You just need to stick something, somewhere. This seems awfully familiar for home owners who always have a bunch of different things they want to put up on their walls.

Whether it is tools in the garage, bath equipment in the bathroom, utensils in the kitchen and pictures in the living room. Using sticky tape is way easier than drilling a hole and hammering a nail, don’t you think?

And that is why the glorious Magic Nano Tape product was introduced in the markets and you’re about to hear all about it:

What Is Magic Nano Tape?

Magic Nano Tape

Tape that works for anything and everything, this kind of Magic Nano Tape is truly lifesaving. It comes in a reel and you get 3 meters of tape in it that measures 2 cm in width.

Perfect for sticking anything, the tape is double sided and basically works like a charm. One side sticks to the surface you are targeting and other side should be used to stick other items on it for attachment.

The Magic Nano Tape can withstand a weight of up to 20 pounds so feel free to stick up your heavy tools in the garage or hang up that thick framed poster in your living room. This tape can take it!

It is meant to be a useful alternative to screws and nails, and does not damage the surface you stick it on. Simply place it then remove it whenever you like and it will not even leave so much as a mark on your surface.

The tape is meant to be used in outdoor and indoor settings, it does not matter. External weather factors like humidity or dryness do not do anything to affect its potential.  

Benefits of Using This Tape

Magic Nano Tape

There is a slew of advantages that you get to benefit from when using this tape. Not only is it super customizable but it also is reusable. Since the tape is quite flexible you can cut it out into shapes and sizes according to your liking with a pair of scissors.

You can also reuse any piece of tape that you have cut out by washing it under running water. That will instantly refresh it and you can use again. One roll comes with 3 meters of this tape and you can keep reusing one bit over and over again.

Can you guess for how long one reel of tape will stay with you? A pretty long time, no? In this way the tape also gives you a run for your money and is way more affordable than the hundreds of screws and nails you use all the time.

Easy to use, the tape brings about no dangers or side effects at all. It is so simple to use, a child could use it to stick up anything. The ability for the tape to withstand 20 pounds of weight also is a great factor to consider.

Most of the times you hang up a poster on a nail and before you know it the poster comes down with a crash because the nail couldn’t bear such a weight. That is never the case with this Magic Nano Tape as it can withstand anything below 20 pounds (which is a big weight range).

It also works on all surfaces, regardless of what they are!

How to Use It

Using this tape is just as easy as using Scotch tape. No rocket science involved, simply stretch out a length of your liking and cut it. Proceed to stick it up against any surface and attach anything to it.

You can remove it whenever you want and wash it under running water to bring back its stickiness and you can reuse it.

Where to Buy Nano magic tape?

3m Nano magic tape

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