4-in-1 RGB Data Cable 1.2m

Starry Sky
4 cable combinations

In the glow of Starlight, Blue tranquility, Red passion, and Green serenity, our cables not only connect devices but also illuminate your world. Fast charging meets visual delight, creating a seamless blend of efficiency and aesthetics. Let the gentle flow of streaming lights accompany your nights, turning every charge into a captivating experience.

Versatile Connectivity:
Includes a 1.2-meter streaming data cable, a 2-to-2 dual-head data cable, 
Four interfaces (Lightning/Type-C/USB) for compatibility with a variety of devices.

Rapid Charging Capability:
100W fast charging for swift and efficient power delivery.
Supports high-power flash charging, ensuring a quick power boost.

Dazzling Visual Experience:
Available in four vibrant colors: Starlight, Blue, Red, and Green.
The mesmerizing streaming light effect, resembling flowing water or neon lights, adds a touch of elegance, especially at night.

Intelligent Temperature Control:
Intelligent chip design ensures low temperatures during charging.
Provides low-temperature protection, preventing damage to the device and maintaining battery health at 100%.

Flexible and Convenient Usage:
Supports reverse charging and phone-to-phone charging capabilities.
Allows simultaneous charging and file transfer, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
Quick data transfer speeds of up to 480MBPS meet the demands of high-performance devices.

Adaptable and User-Friendly:
Arbitrary conversion of interfaces to accommodate different models and chargers.
One cable with four functions, streamlining your charging and data transfer needs.