Crazy-Joy Car Remote Control Electric Cat Toy

【Crazy-Joy Car】: The Remote Control Electric Cat Toy is the ultimate entertainment for your furry friends. With a simple push of a button, this cat ball will start rotating, moving, and shaking, attracting your cats to chase and catch it. Watch as your cats go wild with excitement and exercise while playing with this smart and interactive toy.

【Silent and Durable Design】: The Crazy Joy Car is made of silicone material, specially designed for cats, kittens and puppies, the ball is not waterproof, not suitable for aggressive pets to play with, it may be damaged by aggressive chewing dogs.

【Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance】: Equipped with a built in intelligent motion sensor and automatic obstacle avoidance system, the Automatic Moving Rolling Car for Indoor Cats ensures that it navigates effortlessly around your home. Remote Control Electric Cat Toy can reverse itself and move away when encountering obstacles or narrow areas, preventing it from getting stuck in corners. You can have peace of mind knowing that your cats can play safely with this innovative toy.

【2 Modes for Easy Play】: The 360° Rotating RC cars features two modes for your convenience. In the first mode, when the toy is switched on, it will automatically move, shake, or bounce, providing endless entertainment for your cats without the need for controlling it through an app. The second mode through remote control, adding an extra level of excitement and engagement for both you and your furry friends.

【Perfect Cat Companion and Gift】: The Crazy Joy Car is the perfect companion for cats of all ages and sizes. Not only does it keep them entertained and mentally stimulated, but it also promotes exercise and helps prevent obesity and boredom related behaviors. This innovative cat toy is also an ideal gift for fellow cat lovers, ensuring hours of joy and fun for their beloved feline companions.