Creative Desktop Clock

New favorite for home! 🔥 Your life needs a little magic and this WIFI Smart Desktop Clock is that magic!
More than just an ordinary clock, its mini display interface hides endless creativity - not only can you show the precise time ⏰, but also DIY cool animation 🎬, easy to switch the e-album 📸️, so that your memories of the moment jumped on the "screen"!
  • Top-mounted built-in pressure touch sensor, capable of recognizing long and short presses: Users can perform different functions through touch operations, providing a convenient way of interaction.
  • Supports switching independent applications, with integrated features such as weather, clock, animations, photo gallery, stock market information, and Bitcoin display in the current version: Users can switch between different applications according to their needs, offering diverse information displays and usage scenarios.
  • Firmware wireless upgrade capability: The product has the ability to receive firmware upgrades wirelessly, ensuring access to the latest features and improvements, and maintaining the product's advanced functionality and continuous user experience enhancement.
  • Photo gallery application supports full-screen GIF animation loop playback and automatic slideshow for JPG images: The photo gallery application provides rich features, including full-screen GIF animation playback and automatic slideshow for JPG images. Users can showcase their photos and images with easy switching and enjoyment, making it suitable for displaying photos of family members, children, and loved ones.
  • Weather application supports dual-city display and the ability to monitor weather information for multiple cities: The weather application offers dual-city display functionality, allowing users to easily switch between weather information for different cities. It also allows users to monitor weather conditions for distant family members, loved ones, children, or their hometown, providing convenient weather queries and monitoring features.