When it comes to GLADWARES, diversity is at our core, from personalized design to exceptional performance. We offer a wide range of color choices to cater to your unique tastes and personality. Our commitment to excellence extends to features like extended battery life, globally compatible bits, rapid rotation, and robust torque. We've elevated every aspect of functionality. This means that whether you're a professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, you can count on GLADWARES to provide a reliable tool that aligns with your individuality and needs.

In the Face of Life's Challenges

Our commitment to our mission was unwavering, knowing that life's imperfections meant no shortcuts. It was akin to turning a stubborn screw without the proper tools – determined but often challenging.

Empowering Progress Through Precision Tools

We recognize the transformative power of having the right tools. Life need not be a perpetual struggle; problem-solving can be both productive and enjoyable. It serves as a reminder that progress involves not discarding the past but discovering improved, more efficient approaches to navigate life's complexities.

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Personalized Precision: Engraving for a Unique Bond

Thanks to cutting-edge innovations like precision engraving, these tools have achieved a new level of personalization. They now proudly bear our names, serving as a profound testament to the deep connection between us and our craftsmanship.


Enter the electric precision screwdriver, a trusted companion in our world of repair and creation. To us, it's not just a tool; it's a reflection of our personality, a symbol of our dedication to DIY, repairs, and thoughtful family gifts. This precision screwdriver set, embodying both quality and value, is our go-to treasure chest. It's versatile enough to handle tasks as diverse as repairing mobile phones, fine-tuning clocks, assembling drones, troubleshooting PCs, and maintaining small appliances. 

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It's the dream toolkit that resonates with our colorful personalities and our enduring commitment to our craft. 

Moreover, it's a tool designed to reduce the strain on our joints, making our tasks more comfortable and allowing us to indulge in our passion for even longer.

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Distinctive Design: A Personalized Connection

The through-body cylindrical body design, featuring a comfortable pen grip and brushed metal exterior, is available in six captivating color options and can be personalized with engraving. This personalized touch forges a unique and intimate connection between you and your trusted tool.

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Ergonomic Comfort

We meticulously considered every 0.1mm, ultimately achieving the ideal size of 0.62 inches (15.7mm). This provides a grip that aligns with ergonomic principles, offering maximum comfort during extended use.

Versatile Bit Selection

The newly designed multifunctional bits significantly enhance the precision of the screwdriver, effectively protecting screws from damage. The standard 0.16x1.1 inch (4x28mm) bits are compatible with international standard interfaces, making them suitable for 80% of precision screwdriver heads available on the market. This makes it your preferred tool for various household tasks.

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Fast Charging, Long-lasting Battery

 Featuring a high-precision carbon brush motor, the screwdriver achieves an unloaded output speed of up to 200 revolutions per minute (r/min), ensuring efficient rotation while maintaining control. A single charge allows you to handle over 800 micro screws, and the battery life is sufficient for disassembling and assembling over 30,000 precision screws.

360° Shadowless Illumination

Equipped with three circular LED lights, the 360° shadowless illumination design eliminates shadows, even in the most concealed corners, ensuring clear visibility during precise tasks.

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Seamless Blend of Electric and Manual Modes

The electric torque can reach a maximum of 0.2 Newton-meters (Nm), while the manual mode provides a maximum torque of up to 3 Newton-meters (N.m)*. The electric screwdriver employs a self-locking design, automatically releasing the lock when manually operated to prevent motor damage, allowing for safe manual operation.

Independent Buttons for Easy and Distinct Operation

The 90-degree button design offers a tactile feel akin to skin, with a pressing force of just 180 grams. The operation is smooth and responsive, even during prolonged use, without causing fatigue.

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Spacious Storage Case with a Comprehensive Set of Tools

Standard accessories include tweezers, pry bars, lever rods, a magnetic suction plate, a demagnetizer, a suction cup, and various precision tools. Operations such as clamping, prying, and suction become more natural, simplifying precision work into a one-stop process.

Product Information

Number of items42 in 1 / 37 bits; 90 in 1 / 64 bits
Special FeatureElectric
tem Dimensions LxWxH9.68 x 5.39 x 1.65 inches
Part NumberMR1 PLUS
Item Weight1.63 pounds
Power SourceUSB-C Charging
Type of BulbLED
Battery Cell TypeLithium Polymer




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