Bird Feeder

Nowadays, young people are busy with work and will have many problems. When they see many birds coming to the bird feeder to inhabit and eat seeds, their mood will be better; wild bird feeders can also bring more fun and zest for the elderly and children.It is also a great gift for your friends, relatives, the elderly and children.
  • Classic durable bird feeder: The gazebo-style bird feeder is made of durable, high-quality plastic and can be stored for a long time. Fully assembled and directly hangable, it is very suitable for decorating courtyards, gardens, patios, backyards and canopies. So you can keep track of the current leisure and entertainment programme.
  • Excellent and practical humanised design: The hook of this hanging bird feeder has three iron chains, so you can hang it firmly in any position that can be supported. The feeder has a circular habitat that expands so that the birds can eat from all angles. After eating the exposed food, more bird food will naturally fall down to fill it up so that the birds can continue to eat.
  • Easy to fill and clean: Wild bird houses are equipped with a twist lock cover to keep the lid securely closed to ensure that the seeds are fresh in it, while keeping away from curious squirrels. The clear boxes can let you know when to refill, then just twist them to unlock, lift the lid and pour in seeds.