Bluetooth APP Control Light Signs

Light Up Your Message
In a world full of noise, getting noticed is tough. But with the Waterproof LED Sign from Gladwares, standing out is easy. Let's explore why this sign is a game-changer in communication.
Customizable Content
Users have the flexibility to customize the LED sign's content to match different events, promotions, or messages. This allows for tailored advertising and increased visibility for cars, stores, or other locations.
Waterproof Material
Made from durable PU material, this sign can handle water from any angle. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use, rain or shine.
Flexible Circuit Board &Self-Adhesive Design
With a flexible circuit board and self-adhesive design, the Waterproof LED Sign offers effortless installation and versatility. Bend it to fit any surface and attach it directly without hassle, ensuring your message shines wherever you go.
Simple Control
Control the sign with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Choose from pre-set animations or customize your message in seconds.
Grab Attention
With its bright LED lights and dynamic displays, this sign is impossible to miss. Whether you're driving, advertising, or hosting an event, your message shines bright.
In a world full of distractions, standing out is essential. The Waterproof LED Sign makes it simple. Durable, easy to use, and attention-grabbing, it's the perfect tool for getting your message across, rain or shine.