Reusable Vacuum Zipper Bags

Sous Vide Bags:Comes with small/medium/large sizes( 8.6" x 6.3", 8.6" x 8.6" , 10.2" x 11" , 10.2" x 13.4" ), 2 sealing clips. Ideal reusable vacuum food storage bags for storing different food.
Easy to use and store: You just place your food items in the reusable food storage bag,seal the top with the clips provided, then attach the pump on the air valve pump it up and down until the air has been removed from the bag.Writing down food storing and expiry dates then store in fridge or anyother places correctly. Easy to clean with dish soap and warm water then store it in a clean and dry place before using again.
Multipurpose: This sous vide bag can be used not only for food storage (meat,fish,vegetable,fruits,seafood,nuts or other solid and semi-solid food etc),but also for other precious items like camera,books to protect against moisture.
Guarrantee: Vaccum food bags keep your food fresh 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods.