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About Komorebit CS901A
The outstanding screwdriver with high torque

The Komorebit CS901A is a great landmark work. It's easy and effortless compared to manual screwdriver, which is also smaller and delicate with more exquisite appearance compared to traditional electric screwdriver. The ergonomic pen design and moderate weight make it stand out from the crowd! The Komorebit CS901A will be your best choice!


Komorebit CS901A

In order to solve the problems that the users may encounter in the repair process from multiple angles, Komorebit electric screwdriver continues to innovate and has won the international certifications of CE/FCC/RoHs/REACH and appearance patents. With its adjustable torque, double switch design and high brightness Led light, any USB port can be used for charging at any time and supported by a 2000mAh lithium battery. The extra long battery life will make you fall in love with it.

Komorebit CS901A's Story

When the screwdriver plus your strength is not powerful enough to unscrew the screw…

Screws too tight? Rusty bolts? The CS901A screwdriver has a large range of 32 heads to meet most of your repair needs!

When you want to experience the pleasure of screwing by hand…

Electric screwdriver is quick and convenient, manual screwdrivers make repair more involved, no need to press a button and direct hand-screwing. Matching with electric mode, it is more convenient, safer and won't hurt the screws.

When in dark environment and unsure of the orientation of the screws

The head of pen has a user-friendly design with four led lights to illuminate dark corners, so you can work and repair smoothly in the basement, even in cramped dead spaces!


Solve the problem

KOMOREBIT believes that tools should not be a burden for repair, that too many tools cannot be effective at the same time, so that multifunctional compact tools are the future trend, which should be powerful enough to simplify our lives and work. Komorebit CS901A electric screwdriver is just like the Hercules among screwdrivers, which incorporates many smart designs! These designs have earned it numerous international approvals and it has been awarded the patent for its appearance, all of which are affirmations to the CS901A electric screwdriver! When you just need to turn a screw and pick up the bulky electric screwdriver, do you find that the act of picking up the screwdriver takes more effort than turning the screw? Your toolbox needs a small, high-torque electric screwdriver now!

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How does it work


Magnetic chuck

This screwdriver has a super strong magnetic chuck that firmly attaches to the bit, which makes the bit easier and more comfortable to install and replace.


Adjustable torque

The superb speed-control knob can be turned left or right to adjust the torque up to 1.5Nm and the speed can reach 150-230rpm. The screwdriver can be powered on/off by turning it to the bottom.


USB charging

The Komorebit electric screwdriver comes with a USB cable and can be charged from any 5V/1-2A USB port. Komorebit electric screwdriver is born for convenience.


lithium battery

The Komorebit CS901A has a 2000mAh lithium battery inside, so you can concentrate on work for up to 190 minutes with its long battery life! No need to worry about sudden low battery interrupting your work.


Highly illuminated
LED lights

The meticulous and considerate Komorebit CS901A is like your best housekeeper. With the inconvenience of repairing in the dark environment, four high intensity Led lights have been added to illuminate the clear view. With a separate light switch, the user-friendly design will have you applauding bravo!


Low noise, high output

The Komorebit CS901A benefits from the use of high-strength metal gears that turn smoothly without jamming, reducing transmission losses, efficient output and low noise.

What you can do with it

How long have you not played with toys that were put aside because of their defects? Try it yourself!

When the tripod and other equipment come loose, you need its help!

Your guitar needs new lease of life!

When it comes to precision dashboard, the Komorebit CS901A is just as useful!

High-precision equipment needs highly sophisticated repair tools.

You can to fix the lid of household electric pot with our product easily!

How does it work

Appliance repair

The Komorebit CS901A set is perfectly suited to complex living environment where appliances such as fridges, washing machines, ovens, microwaves and even the dead ends. Much convenient to use with Led lights.

Home installation

Take it for the installation of household cabinets and chairs, and experience an easy, labor-saving and quick installation process!

Toy disassembly and assembly

Toys aren't just fun when you first receive them, it also has lots of fun to repair and make it fly again!

Parts assembly

As for the repair of IT equipment such as computers, it can still come in handy, and it's a good choice to use the illuminate part of the four led lights surrounding!

Best gift

This is the perfect gift for the handyman who likes to fix objects. Let's surprise them and watch their shocked faces when they receive it!



I want to tell you why to choose the Komorebit electric screwdriver set. Komorebit electric screwdriver has a built-in rechargeable battery, which weighs only 230 grams. It is lightweight and portable, and can offer powerful torque. The electric precision screwdriver has four built-in LED lights for shadow-free working experience. It is a great feature when you are working in areas with low visibility. As for its high torque, tightening or loosening screws will be easier with our electric precision screwdriver of 1.5Nm electric torque. It is powered by the 2000mAh lithium battery, which can be charged via Type-c and offer better longevity. The kit includes the most common 32-piece professional bits such as Philips bits, flat bits, star-shape bits, hexagonal bits and square bits. So that you can complete almost any repair work. If you often need repair or disassemble, you should'd to miss out our product like this. Let it help you to solve the problem, it's your confident choice.


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Customer questions & answers


You need to combine many tools to get the job done together when they don't always work well. Do you have such trouble in your life?
1. Too many tools in your toolbox, too heavy for large repair tools
2. Manual repair work is too laborious
3. Normal electric repair tools have only one function
Let's see if this multifunctional electric screwdriver can meet your needs.