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ABOUT Komorebit MWI™
The equipment you need most when you're busy


Komorebit MWI™ Magnetic Wristband is a revolutionary aid.
It is designed to solve the pain points of professionals who like to DIY or engage in IT maintainance, carpenters, mechanics, etc. Always need to free up a hand to find a nail, or bolt or other parts at the critical moment?
Now all can be solved! The Komorebit MWI™ Magnetic Wristband offers a smart solution!


Komorebit MWI™ Design

Komorebit MWI™ promotes the use of technical tools that are properly designed, high quality, smart and add value to the user. This magnetic wristband is an upgrade on the basis of its previous generation! The main material is perforated neoprene fabric with powerful magnets embedded. It has a wrist-guard shape that helps to hold your wrist in place during strenuous conditions. And it allows the magnetic wristband to be held in position by your thumb to avoid slipping while working.Breathable lightweight design allows you to wear the magnetic wristband all day. Super strong magnets also provides therapeutic relief to the wrist.

Komorebit MWI™'s Story

When you are busy, you need to search in the tool kits…

"Always losing all types of screws? Holding them in your hand? In a bag? Or biting in your mouth? All you want is to have these little parts at your fingertips all the time, and now this worry can be solved. The Komorebit MWI™ magnetic wristband with nine super strong magnets can be used to fix screws, nails, drills and small hand tools, leaving you with one hand free to better deal with other problems. You're no longer always searching for small parts in your bag or tool kit"

When you are in a high place...or under the car, or even in a corner for installment or repairment

It's always annoying to lose and drop small items when operating in such condition, so that you wish to have a third hand to hold them securely. The powerful magnetism of the Komorebit MWI™ magnetic wristband helps you to hold these small items, while you can use it with both your right and left hands. It's the real helper that's always there for you!


Solve the problem

    KOMOREBIT MWI™ believes that the right tool can create better projects, make better products and bring higher value for ourselves and others. You can use the wristband with both left and right hands... it's a smart design! Suppose you're standing on a high ladder with no one to assist you, then you might desperately need a third hand to help you hold these little parts. The parts you need can be immediately available and our product will make your operation more convenient. It's easy to wear and you won't feel silly. Because our product is stylish, lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear, while they can support and even protect your wrist.

Our finest product

How does it work


Strong magnetic attraction

9 powerful magnets - they can fix screws, nails, bolts, washers and drill bits with ease. The powerful magnetism holds the item securely in your hand so you no longer have to hold it in your mouth!


Fits on your wrist/Fix in you hand

The previous generation of magnetic wristband would not be fixed in your hand, they would move, rotate and slide on your arm. Our product solves this problem. You can easily make any movement while working or DIY. Our wristband is designed with finger loops to hold them in place, which will never interfere with your habits during operation.



The other side of the magnetic wristband is designed with a small tool pocket for storage, so you can mark with a pen while working. A marker on the side is a great option.


Durable, breathable fabric

The KOMOREBIT MWI™ magnetic wristband is sewn from 1680D ballistic polyester and breathable cotton for durability and breathability, so you don't need to worry about whether it's a bad choice to wear in hot days. It won't leave your hands or wrists drenched in sweat. What's more, it features new Velcro with strong hook and loop for better sturdiness and service life.


Wrist support shape

Like athletes, handymen also need support for their wrist during work.We use the neoprene fabric, the right material for wrist supports. We made sure that it is perforated for ventilation, and we designed the product to fit almost any hand, right or left. The result is a product that allows handyman to enjoy both magnetic wristband and wrist support, ALL-IN-ONE.


Use it as You See Fit

Finally a magnetic wristband that looks good on your hand and not bulky. The new design has the right proportions so it looks cool and you'll be happy to hang out with all day long

What you can do with it

When carrying out home improvement and using an air pump to drive nails, you need to take it with you

You need to wear it when standing on the roof for repairment

Help family and friends install some furniture, and wear it when you need to install some furniture from Lowe's and Home Depot or IKEA.

You need it when you are repairing a car, whether lying down or standing up

You won't be able to repair the bike without this helper

IT repairs, screws of all sizes always fall out of order. You need it.

How does it work

Convenience and protection

The Komorebit MWI™ magnetic wristband is actually designed for the more complex working environment; skilled workers working at height, roof repairers, people dealing with home installation and repair work on their own - scenarios where excess movement can pose certain risks, such as shaking, accidental touches that could bring about falls, bruises and so on. So reling on a tool like this, you can protect your safety in a way.

Easy to wear and fast to carry

The easy-wearing Komorebit MWI™ magnetic wristband always comes in handy at critical moment, it can be worn within a second, simple to carry, easy to find and convinient to fix.


This KOMOREBIT MWI™ magnetic wristband is a must-have aid for professionals and ordinary people. It is the perfect gift for men, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, electricians, carpenters, labourers, technicians, plumbers on Father's Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day or other holidays to show your care and love for them.



There are so many unsatisfactory situations in life and work. Parts, tools are not available until they are used. We need to simplify and sort out our work. I want to design a product that is easy to use which can help most people. On the basis of the existing wristband, we strengthen the production materials, and add strong magnets to improve the situation where the wristband may slip and turn. It can be fixed to one finger and no matter what you do, even if you're playing baseball with it,it wouldn't slip away. I call it my third hand. It's also a great gift and I'm sure your husband, kids, and father can use it, and whenever they wear the wristband, they will remember that it's a warm gift from you. We will also continue to upgrade based on this wristband and hope that it can provide you with greater help in the future.


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Customer questions & answers

Magnetic Wristband

No one finds it annoying to have a  useful helper when busy. Do you have the following worries in your life?
1. Tool kits are too much trouble to carry
2. losing small items
3. Difficult repairment in high places
Let's see if the new magnetic wristband will meet your needs...