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ABOUT Komorebit TTI™

Komorebit TTI is a compact and powerful tool that essentially replaces a toolbox when it is unfolded.
When something needs to be repaired, these tools can be used outdoors, at home, or on the go.
If something happens during a trip, or in the event of an accident, do you find that the tools you need are too bulky, and the set is not complete?
Now, GW has launched a multi-tool that is more suitable for portability and fully functional. Let's take a look!


Komorebit TTI's Design Inspiration

Inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, this multi-tool has a lightweight, elegant, all-in-one design, including 12 essential functions that are always useful and readily available. Made of durable 3CR13 stainless steel with black or red aluminum coating, it is well protected against sweat and corrosion. Its 8.32-ounce weight can be carried around to save space in your kit.

Komorebit TTI's Story


A Heart to Conquer the World

Humans all have a passion to explore nature.
However, very often....
It's hard for a fist to defeat a four-legged creature, and an empty hand can't beat a fierce beast.


In life, we face hundreds of problems:

Sometimes, we might just need a hammer, flat nose pliers, wire cutter, plier grip, return spring, plier grip lock, Phillips-head screwdriver, basic knife, wood saw, fish hook remover, fish scaler, flathead screwdriver, file, bottle opener, small knife, or a wrench with six sizes to easily solve the problem.
So, the universal tool is a must for everyone ......


So, what kind of tools are more reliable and can better show the charm of an all-purpose tool?

12-IN-1 Multi-Tool

3CR13 stainless steel, production-level, precision-loaded CNC technology makes the hammer body fit human body mechanics better. The hammer comes with a small knife unit that is fixed in place by a spring, so that it can be easily operated with maximum control.


What does this tool do?


Home Repair

When you're working on home repairs, are you in urgent need of some small tools, like a pair of pliers? A knife? A hammer? Do you have to grab each one? We promote a minimalist lifestyle with this Komorebit TTI that can absolutely meet the majority of your needs! 


Emergency Escape

Its escape function is worth mentioning. With a gentle knock, self-rescue is possible in a moment of crisis! For your own sake and for the safety of your family, it is incredibly important to have a KOMOREBIT TTI in your car.


Essential Camping Equipment

Camping with too many tools not only takes up space, but it also makes your equipment heavier. How can you integrate all the outdoor tools together?
A KOMOREBIT TTI™ 12-IN-1 Multi-Tool is all you need.



Creative inspiration always happens in the moment. When we enter a DIY state of mind, we can be designers, and we can be artists. But, you certainly don't want to be rummaging through a messy toolbox just to find the right item. KOMOREBIT TTI™ can help you find the fun in crafting and relieve the stress of constant searching.


Easy to carry

KOMOREBIT TTI™ comes with a special nylon pouch that is easy to carry, hard-wearing, and easy to hang around your waist for safer carrying and storage!

KOMOREBIT TTI™ is designed precisely to your needs


3CR13 stainless steel

The hammer head's features include a mini hammer, pliers, and wire cutters made of durable 3CR13 stainless steel, with a black aluminum oxide coating for a higher quality.


A variety of safe tools that work well

The KOMOREBIT TTI™ features a bottom half that includes a knife, saw, serrated knife, file, flathead screwdriver, Phillips-head screwdriver, bottle opener, as well as a safety lock. The fully locking function of the multi-tool hammer means that each tool will lock when fully opened, ensuring your safety, and holding the tool securely in place.


Long and Slender Handle

The KOMOREBIT TTI™ has an ergonomically designed, extremely sturdy grip . 3D-processed handle textures provide a reliable, non-slip grip.


Customizations are available as a gift to you

KOMOREBIT TTI™ offers personalizations that can be laser-engraved with your own text. Give it to someone you love!




Not sure about you, but we all use a variety of tools to solve many of life's problems, and it takes time to organize them. This makes the using tools complicated, and the wide variety of tools can cost everyone a lot of money. I wanted to design a product that would be portable, versatile, and pleasing enough that no matter what you wanted to do with the tool, every option was there. This is a great set of tools with 13 different parts, including a hammer, pliers, wire cutters, nail clippers, bottle opener, nail file, Phillips-head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, serrated knife, basic knife, and saw blade. There are 2 safety locks that are extremely convenient, and there is a lock function for the pliers and grip. With a non-slip handle, it is easier to hold.
Are you wondering what gift to give to your father/husband/grandfather? If he likes camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing, mountain-climbing, or other outdoor sports, then the KOMOREBIT TTI™ is the perfect creative gift. Of course, it is also very practical for everyday home maintenance. Everyone needs this multifunctional tool. Whenever he uses this multitool, he will remember your warm, genuine gift.


GladWares is committed to 100% customer satisfaction! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days of the ship date* - WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. No questions asked!



No outdoor professional would turn down a quality multi-tool that is easy to use.
When working on repairs, are you running into these problems?
             1. The tool doesn't feel good to use
       2. It is not fully functional
3. Tools are cluttered and disorganized
4. The wuality is poor
You can try KOMOREBIT TTI™ to see if it can meet your needs...