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Komorebi™ Emo Screwdriver
We wrap your emotion


Gifts make everyone delighted. In the universe where no one is uninterested in gifts, the Komorebi™ Emo Screwdriver blends proven craftsmanship, leading-edge technology and excellent traditional craftsmanship to create a superb gift-oriented tool. Whether you leave any special meaningful character or selected personalized pattern, we can preserve memories and enhance meaning by creating a truly practical gift especially for you or someone who is important to you.

Not Just Gifts, But Also Emotions

About This Screwdriver

This precision screwdriver set, jointly launched by GW and GUSI, contains 48 different (S2 material) batch heads, a high precision bite, and dual anti-rust treatment. The outer box is made of a high-precision aluminum alloy with a great texture. The surface is anodized by sandblasting, and it is anti-sweat and anti-corrosion. The screwdriver handle is also made of aluminum alloy, and the batch heads are magnetic. The screwdriver heads can easily pop out with gentle pressure, so switching out heads is not troublesome. The inner body of the storage box also has a strong magnetic pull, so the bits will stay in place even if the entire storage box is turned over.

Story of KOMOREBI™ Emo Screwdriver

In the past years, we have sold tens of thousands of KOMOREBI text-customized screwdrivers

In the past years, we have provided our customers with high quality products with free engraving, while countless customers have sent us emails asking if we can engrave their favorite patterns or logos on the screwdriver cases. They want to present the finely customized screwdriver to his/her family members or friends, and give them a surprise. We are deeply moved and customize these emotional screwdrivers for our customers for free. But our labor force is limited. Each pattern-customized screwdriver has to go through communication, pattern document modification, production effect, and finally take several times of the period to process and produce for customers. However we never get tired and enjoy it.

When there are more and more customers...

We are getting too busy. So we decide to look for graphic designers for collaboration. Design graphics that express the emotions for most of our customers and engrave on our KOMOREBI™ screwdrivers. We will update the graphics regularly, so there will always be one you love. --- If you are a graphic designer and would like to work with us. Please send us an email (


If the screwdriver can be a gift

Gifting to your coworker can mean a lot. It doesn’t matter what you are gifting, it can be something personalized, practical, or even edible. When you gift your coworkers, it works as a physical mechanism that shows your admiration, appreciation, and gratitude. However, coming up with a gift idea can be hard especially now when the interaction is limited to the screens. This can be a hassle but the general principle of what you should gift your coworkers is still the same. You just have to gift something which can be thoughtful and fun, also don’t cost much and avoid offending anyone. Well to strike this balance, here are some of the options that you can consider.

What To Gift When You Want To Choose Something Unique?
If you are looking for ideas so you can gift something unique and something that can stand out, well here are some of the ideas that you can consider:

For dad

Dad is always missing one piece in his toolbox

I always think of you when seeing this gift

A new way of expressing emotions to dad


For mom

Mom also wants a suitable tool

Your love for mom

Mom thinks of you when opening the drawer


For brothers, sisters and family members

Maybe living far away, but hearts are always together

I want to present you a tool, help me fix something next time

I think of you again


For lover

There is never a shortage of little surprises in life

48 times of love

You are the only one in my hand


Of course, if there is festival, you can choose the following styles



Co-branded with graphic designers

Designer co-branded models of various themes


Komorebi™ Emo Screwdriver is a must-have aid for professionals and ordinary people. It is the perfect gift for men, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, electricians, carpenters, labourers, technicians, plumbers on Father's Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day or other holidays to show your care and love for them.

Designer's thinking


In fact, our original intention is to sell high quality precision screwdriver set, and maybe it isn't perfect. But when there are more and more feedback from customers, it is not only a tool, but also a gift, then our views have changed. We can provide better and more personalized service to our customers, with excellent after-sales service experience. Each Emo Screwdriver is poured into our attitude of taking customers sincerely. During the special period, the public express their emotions to each other through new physical ways, which is the greatest value that we create Emo Screwdriver.


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Customer questions & answers


No maintenance expert will refuse a sophisticated and handy high-quality screwdriver. So you still have the following troubles during the repair process? 1. Feel bad 2. No magnetism 3. Disorganized 4. Poor quality Then let’s see if the new KOMOREBI ™ screwdriver can meet your needs...