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Glow in the dark rope cord


How many times have you been camping and you’ve had a few too many cocktails by the fire and ended up tripping on the support ropes or stakes that are holding your tent down? For me, it’s at least once a trip (no pun intended). This glow in the dark tent rope can be used to tie your tent down and lets you see exactly where the rope and stakes are when it’s pitch black outside, thus reducing the risk of tripping over your ropes and/or smashing into your tent and collapsing it. A perfect gift idea for the camping lover, outdoorsy person, or festival-goer, who’s also a bit clumsy or enjoys the fine tastes of alcohol late at night, the glow in the dark tent rope is sure to save your life assuming you place your bonfire near your tent where you could easily trip into it…Buy it now!

Nombre de la marca: campingsky

Tipo: paracord

material: glow in the dark +reflective paracord

Item name: paracord

Color: 5 colors for your choose

Diameter: 4mm(5/32")

Standard: 9 inner strands

Packing: 100feet 50feet 25feet

Jewelry Main Material: 550 paracord

Gender: unisex

Weight: 220g