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Portable dog poop scoop


You like walking your dog. But it’s terrible when cleaning dog poop by hand. Already got a scoop, but it’s too large/heavy to carry around?! With the Portable dog poop scoop, no need to worry about getting poop all over it! Made from durable plastic, it holds a roll of poop bags, and the poop compartment can expand to clean up bigger-than-expected messes. It also comes with a mountain clip so you don’t have to hand carry it around yourself! Just clip it to your belt, stroller, handbag, etc. Don’t feel the warmth of the mushy poop in your hands again! No more carrying those annoying large long shovel sized scoops around! The Portable dog poop scoop is one of the BEST Pet Gadgets to have for your dog!

Makes cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary.

Pick up waste easily with the one-handed scooper.

Lightweight, environmental, Convenient and easy to store.

Healthy and convenient for pet cleaning.

With a handle, convenient to use.


Color: Blue,Yellow,Green

Size S: 14X11.5CM     L:19x15.5cm