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Super rust remover

There are plenty of things you can do to remove rust from metal when you discover those nasty first signs. Investing in good rust remover is essential. The Super Rust Remover is a product that gives you the chance to bring your rusted possessions back to life. The Super Rust remover penetrates and dissolves corrosion with lasting durability. It removes the oil, dirt, and dust on any metal surface so as to keep it clean and prevent rust and rust stains. All you need to do is spray and wipe. Restore shine and prevent rust from developing again. Get it today!

Nombre de la marca: Vehemo

Peso del artículo: 110g

Tipo de material: -

Prestaciones: -

Volumen del artículo: 100ml

Tipo de artículo: Convertidor de oxidación, removedor de óxido y prevención de óxido