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In the repair or disassembly process, we often cannot find a suitable screwdriver. Do you also struggle with this? Now GW has launched a high-quality precision screwdriver set with a more user-friendly packaging design, ideal for most product disassembly. Let's have a look!


About This Screwdriver

This precision screwdriver set, jointly launched by GW and GUSI, contains 48 different (S2 material) batch heads, a high precision bite, and dual anti-rust treatment. The outer box is made of a high-precision aluminum alloy with a great texture. The surface is anodized by sandblasting, and it is anti-sweat and anti-corrosion. The screwdriver handle is also made of aluminum alloy, and the batch heads are magnetic. The screwdriver heads can easily pop out with gentle pressure, so switching out heads is not troublesome. The inner body of the storage box also has a strong magnetic pull, so the bits will stay in place even if the entire storage box is turned over.

The Story of Fixing

Past Us

I believe that, when everyone was young, he had an intense curiosity about things that could be taken apart, and he wanted to disassemble them to take a closer look. Almost all toy cars, radios, game consoles, and even mobile phones have been "dismembered" by a screwdriver!

Present Us

After growing up, we no longer destroy, but still have a soft spot for tools! After all, there are many things in life that we need to install and maintain. As an outstanding male member of the family, changing light bulbs, repairing mobile phones, and fixing computers are all necessary skills, and it is particularly important to have a handy tool!

Let Me Fix Everything

As our most frequently used tool, screwdrivers should be the standard equipment for every man, so you need a set of precision screwdrivers! This is a high-value, high-quality precision screwdriver set. One box can meet all your needs. Use it to repair mobile phones, clocks, drones, PCs, and small appliances! It is the treasure chest that maintenance enthusiasts dream of!


The NDRIVER™ series of premium screwdrivers has a different production process from the one used in previous bits. The 3D bits use precision CNC technology to make the head fit the screw better, effectively preventing slippage during use, and providing lighter and more comfortable operation.


What Can the NDRIVER™ Fix?

Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is susceptible to collisions, and they need precise repairs if damaged. With the NDRIVER™ screwdriver set, you can fix the damage yourself and save a lot of money.

High-End Headphones and Sound Monitors

After using headphones for a long time, the audio often sounds abnormal, or the earbuds themselves become too worn. Use replacement parts and the NDRIVER™ to make your headphones as good as new.

iPhones and Other Mobile Phones

As an essential tool in our lives, mobile phones are often accidentally damaged, and after several years of use, parts such as batteries and cameras need to be replaced. At these times, you need NDRIVER™ to disassemble the phone for repair.

Glasses and Sunglasses

People who wear glasses regularly know that the screws on glasses will slowly loosen, which can affect reading and driving. Using the NDriver™ to maintain your glasses and sunglasses regularly will solve this problem.

Computers, Laptops, and Electronic Components

Whether you are a professional repairer or not, NDRIVER™ is a must-have tool for you. You might need it to replace a hard drive for your MacBook.

Household Appliances

A variety of small appliances in the home often suddenly stop working. Sometimes, the problem is simple, and a quick repair is all that is needed for continued use. Get the NDRIVER™ out and fix them.


During drone flight, collisions and damages are common. When flying your drone, provide it with better security by carrying the NDRIVER™ in your toolbox.


Designed Precisely According to Your Needs

CrV Tool Steel

All bits are made of special materials that meet high hardness and toughness standards.

Anti-Rust Surface

The handle of the screwdriver and all the bits have undergone a double anti-rust treatment. No matter how harsh the environment is, they are always durable.

48 Screw Heads With 99% Precision Maintenance

These forty-eight different types of screw heads can fully meet your high standards of precision. They can be used with household appliances, game consoles, PCs, electronics, glasses, toys, drones, mobile phones, etc.

Easy-to-Use Magnets

When replacing the bit, the magnets make the process easy and allow you to control the direction of the screw during the repair process.

Compact Box and Comfortable Handle

The aluminum-magnesium alloy storage box has a convenient clasp, and the screwdriver handle can be rotated for convenient use.

Simple Space-Saver

With its powerful features, the NDRIVER™ is elegant, straightforward, and easy to carry and use, just like a work of art with practical value.

The magnetic groove can successfully hold the bit, so there is no need to worry that it will fall off when accidentally turned over.

Although the number of 48 screw bits is large, the magnetic storage design makes it easy to organize and will not make your workbench very messy




Not sure about you, but we have a lot of different electronics from different vendors and an inevitably, something breaks or wears out. The manufacturer's are stupid expensive to fix things, local shops charge alot to. Anywhere from %125 to 500% markup on parts. You can buy batteries, screens, just about anything for a phone or tablet, in turn the manufacturers started using made up screw tips to try and stop the consumer from replacing parts themselves. Screw tips that look like Y's, X's, triangles, whatever you can think of, they are out there. This is a great kit with a lot of screw tip options in a very nice case. Each tip is stored in the supplied case and magnetically held in place. There is also a lightweight sturdy driver. All in all, very nice kit to keep in the desk drawer so you have it handy for your phone, tablet or whatever repairs. A cool thing about the case is that the tips are on one piece, it slides into the outer case and click/locks in place. The outter case is metal and feels sturdy. If you do repairs and need small tips and different types of tips, this is a great option.


GladWares is committed to 100% customer satisfaction! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days of the ship date* - WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. No questions asked!



No maintenance expert will refuse a sophisticated and handy high-quality screwdriver.
So you still have the following troubles during the repair process?
1. Feel bad
2. No magnetism
3. Disorganized
4. Poor quality
Then let’s see if the new NDRIVER™ screwdriver can meet your needs...