Gladwares™ Electric Sprayer


Gladwares™ brand was born from a group of nature-loving young people, they are active in urban gardens, countryside and fields to study the growth of plants, modern technology and art aesthetics combined to create this humanized design of the plant water sprayer, and continue to innovate and improve in order to look forward to helping your plants thrive.

Rechargeable Convenience: This electric water sprayer features a built-in battery pump, eliminating the need for manual pumping. With just one button, the electric sprayer wand handle is activated, enabling continuous spraying for up to 3 hours. This feature saves you time and energy during plant spraying tasks.

Adjustable Nozzle: The battery-powered weed sprayer nozzle offers two spray modes: a water spray mode for reaching high trees from a distance and a fine mist mode for effectively targeting weeds in your yard. Crafted with brass, the nozzles are durable and resistant to leaks or breakage.

Extendable Wand: The wand of this electric weed sprayer extends up to 19 inches, allowing you to effortlessly reach longer distances or inaccessible areas. Simple to assemble and use, the comfortable handle ensures ease of use during prolonged outdoor spraying sessions.

Versatile Application: Compatible with any water container, this Plant Sprayer with a 10ft Garden Hose frees you from the burden of carrying heavy water tanks on your shoulders. It's perfect for spraying a variety of concentrates both indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight and Portable, Multi-Situation Use:
Lightweight design for easy carrying. You'll feel no fatigue even when holding with one hand. Ideal for various tasks such as pet bathing, glass scrubbing, car cleaning, and pesticide spraying.