Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder

Are you constantly frustrated by a manual grinder that's hard to shake when cooking? Use our gravity grinder and you'll have freshly ground spices just by flipping the grinder with one hand, and your other hand is free for other kitchen task. 
  • GRAVITY SENSING AUTOMATIC OPERATION - The gravity salt and pepper grinder set shakers uses advanced gravity sensing technology to provide effortless one-handed operation. You even needn’t to press a button, Simply flipped the grinder and you will have fresh ground spices, Convenient and funny. Battery powered, each grinder requires 6 AAA batteries, batteries not included.
  • BLUE LED LIGHT - Electric salt and pepper grinder set is equipped with a blue LED light that automatically lights up when in use. The blue light is not only bright, but also soft, which allows you to easily see how much seasoning is being dispensed to your food, even in low light conditions.
  • WIDE APPLICABILITY - The grinder is suitable for solid granular seasonings such as pepper and salt. Battery powered, Convenient and efficient, you can use it anytime and anywhere. Great for kitchens, restaurants, parties and outdoor picnics.
  • ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS - The salt and pepper shakers grinder set comes with an adjustable ceramic grinder knob with a built-in high-quality ceramic core to easily adjust the coarseness of spices. You can choose the coarseness of your spice, salt or pepper by turning adjustment knob at the head of the grinder.