RGB Magnetic Cooler-Phone/Tablet/iPad/Switch


Unleash Your Gaming Potential

Gladwares is specifically designed to keep your smartphone or tablet cool, even during the most demanding gaming marathons. With its advanced cooling system, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without the fear of overheating.

Rapid Cooling for Intense Gaming Sessions

  • Instant cooling with 18 high-powered magnetic units.
  • Specialized 30x30mm, 10W cooling unit for optimal performance.
  • Protection against decreased device performance and battery damage during gaming.

Instant Cooling, Maximum Performance

Efficient Heat Dissipation and Noise-Free Operation

  • Cutting-edge design with 118 dual-row aluminum fins at an 18° angle.
  • Maximum heat dissipation and silent operation.
  • Stylish appearance enhancing gaming setup while keeping the device cool.

Lightweight and Secure Attachment

  • Lightweight (75 grams) yet sturdy design.
  • Secure attachment mechanism ensuring stability during use.
  • Durable construction and powerful cooling capabilities for extended device lifespan.

NEW Magnetic Design Easy To Use

Silent Power Glowing Brilliance
The open-exposed metal cooling aluminum fins reflect the psychedelic light and shadow, resembling the mysterious and sci-fi appearance of a spacecraft flying through the night sky in outer space.