Starry Night Projection Lamp

The super dreamy star projection light illuminates your every romantic moment, switching freely from warm and soft to bright and dazzling, creating a unique and vast universe for you!
Bring home this exclusive starry sky and let life be full of surprises and poetry every day!

  • AMAZING GALAXY PROJECTOR FOR BEDROOM : Set a romantic spacey mood to your bedroom with this star projector of 12 Facet Light Cover. With a rotating base and compass-point alignments, the stars on ceiling projector are perfect for providing some enchanting and soft lighting or even creating an inviting romantic bedroom setup. Soothe and comfort kids and children to sleep, also perfect for adults to attain a relaxing and calming effect.
  • STAR LIGHT PROJECTOR AND DIY LAMPSHADES : The multiple combinations of 3 colours (Yellow, White and Blue) provides you with a wide panoramic effect. The lampshades need to be assembled by yourself. The foldable lampshades can prevent the breakage. Rotating light pedestal allows you to project the light straight up or point in a different direction and have the convenience to cover the area as large as 130 ft2 (12M2) within the distance of 9 ft (2.8M).
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND 4 MODES OF BRIGHTNESS : The pedestal of space light projector is featured by more functions, including Bluetooth Music Player Connecting to Mobile Phone. You choose the Background Music for Your Stars Dream. 4 brightness modes for your choice: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Install the Foldable Lampshades in only 5-7 Mins.
  • MOBILE USE : USB-rechargeable battery for everywhere using and light up to 3-4 hours for wireless using. Easy to recharge and use. The product includes USB cable and is fine with the recharging by Computer, Power Bank, Plug adaptor and etc.
  • QUIET AND RELAXING : With the new engine, this Star Ceiling Projector makes very little noise (less than 30dB) so you and your kids can enjoy the relaxing starlight in a quiet environment.