Electronic lighters-Type-c/USB

  • Lgnition in all weather conditions: The igniter works in all weather conditions, especially on windy days.
  • The power supply of the lighter plugs directly into the charging port of your cell phone without any oil or gas, so you don't need to inject any fuel into it. The use of high temperatures to ignite items without producing flames and without generating electrical work, respecting the environment.
  • This product is made of aluminum alloy and embossed wire, the shell is metal, the wire is braided, aluminum alloy, will not rust, with intelligent dual chip, play a role in stabilizing the voltage, protection, allows you to quickly ignite the item, and will not burn your hands!
  • Maximum output power of 1W (including) -10W (including), for Type-C output interface, the cable length of about 14.2cm, pulling resistance, stronger service life, hold down to ignite, release to extinguish, compact and easy to carry, easy to put into the pocket after bending, does not take up space, easy to store, but also has energy-saving, no batteries, no liquids, business trips, travel, high speed trains, airplanes can be! It can be put into the suitcase or pass the security check smoothly, and can be used in a variety of scenarios!
  • SAFE AND HUMANIZED: The current requirement of 5V-2A recognizes your mobile device, automatically provides the fastest charging speed, and prevents overcharging, overcurrent and overheating. The lighter with LED light allows you to unplug the Type-c cable more easily in dim light, plug and play, saving more time!
  • Small body big energy, often traveling on business you need such a lighter, waiting for the plane, landing situation can be anytime, anywhere to solve the personal needs, it can be quickly heated and safe ignition, key ignition, 8 seconds intelligent extinguishing protection, more safe and reliable!